Equilibrium State –
Relax mental tension
and develop a positive
feeling for your body

ES-Mind is the area of the Equilibrium State method that deals with mental balance. In five sessions, which you can have following an ES-Body session or as a separate appointment, you will learn to let go of mental tension and develop a positive feeling for your body. State of the art mental and coaching techniques are applied here, similar to those used in professional sports or the business world. Once the new movement patterns, new feeling for your body and deep relaxation have been anchored in your subconscious, you will learn in the fifth session how to create a state of deep relaxation on your own and at any time. Restore your own mental balance. Whenever you want.
The ES-Mind sessions help you to rid yourself of inner stress and tension and – in combination with the ES-Body sessions – help you become less susceptible to pressure and stress from your environment. Increase your performance and become more relaxed at the same time.

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