Equilibrium State –
For a body
that is energetic
yet relaxed

As its name suggests, ES-Body is the part of the Equilibrium State method which focuses on the body. A treatment series consists of ten thematically different one-on-one ES-Body sessions, during which the body’s posture is visibly straightened. At the same time tension patterns are released and movement restrictions are eliminated. This is possible thanks to highly effective fascial manipulation techniques, with which your ES Practitioner helps shortened and blocked fascia in the connective tissue surrounding your muscles return to their natural state. The result is a body that is defined by an upright posture, smooth and dynamic movements and improved performance. Special exercises and movement patterns which are tailored to your needs help you embed the results of the sessions in your body and improve on the quality of your movements long after your sessions have been completed.
People who especially appreciate their bodies also value the ES-Body method. Our portfolio of clients is diversified and includes labourers, office workers and managers as well as actors, musicians and professional athletes. Just give it a try. A phrase we often hear: “If I had known how well ES works, I’d have tried it much sooner”.


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